Just in time for Pride, activist Jim Egan is subject of Canada's first LGBT Heritage Minute


Route Eleven is proud to present their latest collaboration with Historica and director Stephen Dunn - a heritage minute all about the life and work of gay activist Jim Egan. Jim Egan dedicated his whole life to gay rights, starting with fighting homophobic and slanderous tabloids by writing letters and challenging common held beliefs. Later in life, Jim and his partner Jack would fight the Supreme Court for spousal rights - and loose. Despite this setback, Jim & Jack's case is still seen as a landmark because it paved the way for gay marriage to become legal in Canada.

The minute premiered June 13th, and already it's broken records set by previous Heritage Minutes. Route Eleven is elated to finally share their months of hard work and to be a part of Canadian History.

Here's what the press is saying:

Peter Lilly