From The Archives: Celebrating Pride

June is finally upon us and that means - happy PRIDE! As a partially queer owned business, this is a special and important time of year to reflect on the past contributions of the LGBT community and work towards further inclusion in the future. Part of that contribution has been working with some amazing LGBT not-for-profits and organizations over the years, and we wanted to highlight that work this month. They still make us proud.

Heritage Minute: Jim Egan

Not to toot our own horn too much, but if this spot doesn’t leave your eyes moist - you have no heart. If you’ve grown up in Canada, you know how iconic Heritage Minutes are! That’s why we’re still so proud to have produced the first ever LGBT Heritage Minute in history. Jim Egan was one of Canada’s first and most important activists. We’re no historians (although many helped us to make this) so learn more about Jim and his work on our client’s website (Historica Canada) here.

Saving Our Youth: Kids Explain

Working with kids is always fun on set. But when the kids can teach you a thing or two about intersectionality pronouns and the like? Well that’s pretty amazing. This video is part of a whole series where kids explain seemingly complex queer concepts to each other. The not so surprising ending? The kids get it pretty down pat. Guess acceptance isn’t as complicated as we’re lead to believe!

Get Out

(TW - harmful language) In order to raise awareness for Egale’s Out At Night, we had the privilege of working with all sorts of celebrity partners to make this commercial. We created a different cut for each network, shot in three different cities and secured broadcast rights for all major networks in Canada.


#HearOurStory is a ten-part documentary series we produced with Egale as well. It features a broad spectrum of the LGBT community telling their story in their own words. You can watch all ten parts on Youtube above. We also won a bronze at The Marketing Awards for this work. It still makes us tear up.

We’re so thankful for all these projects, and hope to be producing many more queer stories like this in the future! Happy Pride everyone!