Checklist: Preparing A Production Creative Brief

Picture this: you’re ready to jump on a conference call with a production company that you believe is a perfect fit for your brand’s commercial of branded content series. The timeline is tight, so you’re anxious to get this project off the ground. But when you get on the call, your production team has a lot of questions you don’t have answers for or haven’t thought about. If they’re a quality company, they’ll walk you through the considerations anyway - but you can’t help feel like you could have been a bit more prepared. So what should you come to that call prepared with?

Production for a commercial is almost always rushed - but here is a checklist of questions to ask yourself and your team before you hit the ground running:

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Where is this video going to live?

  • cebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram? Each one is unique in it’s strengths and production considerations.

  • On your website? Be sure you know what page (is this a brand story video, a explanation, a how-to or a pretty banner video?)

  • Digital? This includes YouTube Pre-Roll Ads, banner ads etc

  • Broadcast

    What’s your target?

  • Don’t say potential customers - be specific. This video should be incredibly useful or informative to a specific group of people

    What’s the objective?

  • What are you trying to prove, change or support from this video? How will our team know we’re successful once this video is in market?

  • What’s the main thing we’re trying to communicate

    What’s your budget

  • Yes, this could be a blog post all it’s own! Although we can give you a rough estimate, a lot of production companies are wary to lay down a number based off of one conversation. Try coming to the table with at least a maximum your team would be comfortable spending. Budget crafts the entire production.

    What’s the timeline?

  • When do you want this video in market?

    Production considerations and mandatories?

  • Lay down everything that is mandatory for the video as early as possible. This can be anything from deadlines, talent, style guides etc. The more info the better!

Answering these will make any initial calls or project starts a total breeze. And if you don’t have answers, just be open and honest. We’re professionals and happy to give guidance where we can. See you on set!