Your Canadian Production Team

When you think of Canada, the first few things that comes to mind are probably maple syrup, lumberjacks and an overly polite population that loves to apologize. One thing Canada is definitely not sorry about is being a superb location for film shoots & productions of all kinds. Aside from free health care, it might be our favourite thing about our home.

Budget Friendly

So what makes The Great White North so great for production services? Numbers don’t lie. It's simple, you save 30% on the exchange. We'll work with you on potential tax credits & benefits as well.

Diverse Landscapes & Locations

By far, Canada’s greatest strength in production comes from it’s diversity in geography, people and talent. 

Canada’s massive size in geography grants it a wide array of landscapes, topography and natural settings. Majestic mountains cover the West coast, leading into the plains of the country’s centre, to the majestic Arctic Northward and quaint seaside towns with the mighty Atlantic to the East. Boreal forests cover most of Canada, with ancient rainforests inhabiting the West coast. Fresh water and Ocean coasts also offer their cinematic grandeur.

Canada’s people are perhaps some of the most diverse in the world, making casting for roles with or without a casting agency a breeze. ACTRA is Canada’s film talent union, but non-union work is equally acceptable. The film industry in Canada is booming, meaning finding professional and prepared crews is simple. Similarly, finding the right location, permit and equipment is something the Canadian film industry is more than prepared for.

If you have any more questions regarding the finer details of shooting in Canada, please don’t hesitate to contact us.